We want to pamper all women, helping them to enhance their strengths through clothing, so that they always feel good about themselves.


Punt Roma was founded in 1997 and quickly became a benchmark in women’s fashion due to its exclusive design and premium quality, making it easy to create the perfect look for all silhouettes.

Our Values

Quality · Commitment · Passion for fashion

We aim to accompany women through every moment of their lives, dressing their stories with the best quality, comfort and exclusive design.

We are excited to offer garments that fit all silhouettes and provide confidence in any occasion. Durable, versatile and trendy garments that revitalise women’s wardrobes every season.

The Punt Roma woman

We believe every woman is unique and deserves a wardrobe with the latest fashion trends tailored to her. That is why each of our collections includes very different styles, ranging from the traditional to the more innovative, always maintaining the spirit and essence of the brand.

Punt Roma women are dynamic, enthusiastic and full of personality. They are independent, proud of their journey and with many goals to achieve. They have their own criteria for always choosing the best and they value details because they know that this is what makes the difference.

The Punt Roma customer chooses us for:

Range of sizes

We set ourselves apart with our wide range of sizes (from 38 to 54), offering a perfect fit for all silhouettes.

Product quality

We work with the highest quality fabrics, paying attention to every detail, creating stylish and durable garments

Variety of product families

Our catalogue of garments allows you to create complete looks, with garments and accessories to suit all occasions


Our designs are 100% created in Spain
with international reach.

We have a team of designers who anticipate and interpret trends to adapt them to the profile of our customers and surprise each season with collections that combine innovation, quality and comfort.

Production process

The ISO 9001 certification guarantees the quality of our processes.

Each garment hides behind it the time and dedication spent to guarantee attention to detail. We do not accept pressure, haste, or the throwaway mentality. We believe in the importance of adapting to each type of woman, to each rhythm of life.


Punt Roma moves approximately 12,000,000 garments per year, 30% of which are exported internationally.

Our logistical premise is to respond quickly and accurately. For this purpose, we have 45,000 m2 of facilities.

Punt Roma in the world

PUNT ROMA has been building on a success story of continuous growth for 26 years.

It currently occupies an important place in the women’s fashion market, with more than 400 stores, of which more than 250 are located in Spain, Portugal, France and Andorra, and 248 other stores in 32 countries. All of them are always located in prime locations in the best cities.

Through a wide network of partners we coordinate a uniform expansion of the brand.

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