At mum’s rhythm

The campaign shows the versatility of Punt Roma fashion through three different profiles of mothers, with different styles, ages and sizes. In keeping with the brand’s slogan this season, Fashion at your own pace, Punt Roma wants to convey its ability to adapt to the pace of life of every woman, of every mother.

Punt Roma recognises that no mother is the same, that she each has her own rhythm and that is why their catalogue offers a variety of garments, looks and accessories to suit each of these very personal styles. Active, soft, romantic, sophisticated, modern, traditional… different ways of being a mother and moving through life.

Under this premise, the campaign presents three lines of garments suitable for three types of mothers: tailored suits and dresses for sophisticated mothers, powerful colours for casual mothers and natural prints in soft fabrics for romantic mothers.

At mum’s rhythm presents different ways of being a mother while remaining unique.

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